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"I've been seeing Danielle for my acupuncture needs for nearly a year now. In addition to her many outstanding qualities as an Acupuncturist, she takes the time to listen to issues and can treat both acute and general stress related ailments. Danielle has a gentle and soothing touch and always takes the time to ensure there's no discomfort during my treatments. Recently I had major foot and Achilles surgery and I attribute my fast healing and quick recovery both physically and mentally to her expertise and knowledge of her craft. Her fire cup treatment is just the thing I need to relieve my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Thanks, Danielle! I can hardly wait until my next session". -Shawn K.

"After Chemotherapy wreaked havoc on my body, I was left with a host of ailments. Back spasms, loss of appetite, dizziness, muscle weakness, you name it, I had it. I went to countless traditional Western treatments and all anybody ever wanted to do was prescribe me medications. So I decided to try Acupuncture and it has been the ONLY thing to offer me any relief. Danielle is caring, compassionate and encouraging. I can't imagine where I'd be if I hadn't found her. Thank you, Dani!" -Victor T.

"When I finally made it to see Danielle I was at my wits end.  I have suffered from chronic pain, post a major car accident, for about 10 years now. After countless doctors, an array of medications, physical therapy, and any other healing modality I could get my hands on, a friend suggested I see Danielle for acupuncture. I have to admit I was pretty hopeless at that point, but after meeting with this gem of a lady, I felt my spirits rise. Danielle was optimistic, passionate, caring, knowledgeable, skilled, warm, open and real. After carefully preparing a treatment plan for me, we began our sessions together. I felt relief immediately. And every week I noticed significant improvement in my pain level and mobility. I finally found someone who could help me heal.  I continue to see Danielle for acupuncture, and intend on her treating me indefinatley, as this modality and her expertise in this field, has changed my life immeasurable amounts. I would proudly recommend Danielle to anyone who struggles with pain, and feel incredibly grateful to have found her!" -Karen D.

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