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Frequently asked questions about acupuncture in Hendersoville NC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acupuncture and how does it work?

-Acupuncture is a 2000 year old medicine based on the laws of nature, which is why it so effective. It works by stimulating certain acupuncture points on the body that act as 'switches', turning particular reactions on or off and influencing the direction of different systems in the body (such as the lymphatic or immune). By treating individuals as unique reflections of the natural world that we all live in, we are able to return the body to a balanced state, which is where health flourishes

Does Acupuncture hurt or is it painful?

-Acupuncture needles are incredibly tiny and most people don't even feel them go in! In fact, acupuncture is extremely relaxing and many people report feeling a ''buzz'' after their treatment.

How long will it take for Acupuncture to work?

-Every body  responds differently to acupuncture and the time it takes to work depends on how long an issue has been present. Chronic conditions will take longer to treat than acute conditions. I generally recommend that people start with 4 consecutive, weekly acupuncture treatments and then we reevaluate and go from there. 

What are some common conditions that Acupuncture can treat?

-Studies have shown that Acupuncture is effective for treating countless conditions. Common ailments that respond particularly well are anxiety and stress related issues, chronic and acute pain (especially musculature), headaches and migraines, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, fatigue syndromes, and autoimmune disorders. 

What can I expect on my first visit?

-On your first visit we will do an in-depth health consultation. We will see where imbalances lie within your own body and we will create a treatment plan that caters to you! After we chat for a bit, I will place the acupuncture needles at various points in your body, mostly the hands and legs, and then you will relax for about 30 minutes! Following your 30 minutes of R&R, I will follow up with some body work, heat therapy called moxabustion (if indicated for your condition) and possibly cupping therapy (a therapy designed to release the connective tissue and stimulate the lymphatic system). You will leave feeling relaxed and balanced.

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